If you are interested in a powerful sports car with a stylish interior, then the Dodge Charger is a great option! You can stop by Jim Hayes Inc in Harrisburg, IL to see all of the Interior features of this sports car. Not only are there features that are high-energy, but there are also comfort features for a great driving experience!

The interior of the Dodge Charger offers a performance shifter switch is a fully electronic shifter, but it feels like you have the power of a manual shifter. Enjoy the drive modes for the charger, which include Track, Sport, and Street. A push-button start and stop is also a convenient interior feature that helps you get on the road quickly.

Enjoy the driver information digital cluster display, which features navigation performance and other stats for your Dodge Charger. This display is 7-inches, and you can customize it. The Dodge Charger has a sporty but comfortable interior with heated and ventilated seats.

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