Wheels become misaligned, and tires suffer punctures all the time. The roads are never free of hazards or mishaps. With Mopar coverage in place, drivers can file a claim for repair or replacement tire and wheel work. As long as the car meets the reasonable age and mileage requirements, Mopar should accept the application for coverage.

Coverage plan terms vary. Drivers can request two years, seven years, or something else in between. Once the coverage is in place, expect to pay no deductible when filing a claim. Overall, Mopar proves to be a reliable deal for drivers worried about risks in Harrisburg, IL roads.

Feel even better peace of mind thanks to towing and roadside assistance coverage. Roadside assistance comes with the deal with a small $100 co-payment. Drive with fewer worries as a result.

Feel free to ask one of our technicians about tire and other routine services. Jim Hayes Inc always wants to make sure drivers take good care of their vehicles.

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