The Chrysler 300 luxury full-size sedan is one of the most popular cars at Jim Hayes Inc. While many people associate the Chrysler 300 with style and class, it is also a car that sports the latest safety technology.

Many safety features come standard on the Chrysler 300. The Full-Speed Collision Warning System is combined with active braking to reduce the chances of an accident. Chrysler knows that staying alert and aware can be problematic for even the best of drivers. That's why the company has given the 300 the Lanesense Departure Warning system. If you start to drift, this system will alert you so that you can make a safe correction.

At our dealership in Harrisburg we are happy to provide you with more information on the safety features of the Chrysler 300. You can also call or visit us today to schedule a test drive of the new Chrysler 300 sedan.


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